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Name:CA-N01 Wireless GSM Burglar Home Security Alarm
Product Features:
Built-in Micro-TF card slot, support up to 32GB
support TF card hot-swappable 
support cloud storage
Description Packing

Model: CA-N01

Processor: Hi3518E

operating system: Embedded Linux

Video Processing:. 264 video encoding, support for three yards stream

Rate: Support CBR / VBR, 128 Kbps-4096 Kbps

Control Protocol: Onvif2.0 Agreement

System Security: Three User Management

Supervisor Plug: IOS software .Android.IE.CMS

Plug and Play: 2P globally distributed intelligent server cluster

Access Mode: Two-dimensional code, local search, manual input

ID No. theft: Using a unique encryption license, ID theft can not properly use the network camera

WIFI settings: Mobile two-dimensional code is set WiFi convenience, speed

Storage function: Built-in Micro-TF card slot, support up to 32GB, support TF card hot-swappable, support cloud storage

Alarm function: 1. Motion detection 2. 4. The linkage alarm sound alarm 3.GPIO mail notification alarm 5.FTP Upload Photos

Network capabilities: other e-mail support. Support FTP. Support web upgrade

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